Creating a reliable security framework is paramount to an to creating a secure working environment in and around an organization.  Risk Analysis  involves identifying the most probable threats to an organization and analyzing the related vulnerabilities of the organization to these threats. Risk Assessment includes the evaluation of existing security and controls and assessing their adequacy relative to the potential threats to the organization.  Risk Management takes the findings of the Risk Analysis and Assessment and puts into operation practices and procedures that will either mitigate of eliminate the threat or vulnerability.
AirTight Associates can assist in mitigating risk through development of proven solutions identified through the Analysis and Assessment processes.  Examples include;
  • Development of proven security practices and procedures to include access control, screening techniques, and emergency response.
  • Conduct on-site training for personnel in proper processes and procedures necessary to establish a secure working environment.
  • Install monitoring equipment and physical barriers to increase physical security.
  • implement communications security procedures to protect vulnerable information management assets.