A Guard Force is in many instances the ‘first line of defense’ in protecting assets and people.  This can include high profile uniformed guards in and around critical facilities or more “low profile’ security details that protect and travel with key personnel and/or their families.
AirTight Associates are equipped to provide highly trained and vetted personnel to support any needs for Guard Forces. Our approach is to provide services tailored to the clients needs with the least amount of impact on their daily activities.
Examples include;
  • Uniformed Security to protection and asset control of critical facilities and high profile events
  • Uniformed Security to provide surveillance, monitoring and threat response at critical facilities or high valued assets
  • Low profile security details to ensure the safe travel and movement of high profile individuals and their families
  • Low profile security details in critical facilities or to protect high profile assets where the client does not want to bring attention to their security processes and procedures.